3 2013

Raising Children in an Uncertain World

10:00AM - 11:30AM  

The Jewish Center 435 Nassau Street
Princeton, NJ

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JFCS and The Jewish Center present a free morning talk with Dr. Ron Taffel, one of the country¹s most sought-after child rearing experts who knows what matters to you most about raising 21st century kids. Dr. Taffel will describe what children of all ages need - to feel happy, strong, more compassionate and self-respectful in these tough times. Ron will present parents with the latest, realistic methods to: Lessen endless negotiating - balance a healthy 'voice' and hurtful entitlement; Set limits that are enforceable - and create strength in children at the same time; Help kids open up about what matters - so you can know them even better; Give advice to 'sophisticated' kids and teens - that can lessen social cruelty; Increase children's resilience - in an academically and socially challenging world; Lower child and family stress - when you're all running on empty; Create a community that nurtures - both kids and parents. Dr, Taffel is the author of eight books and over a hundred articles on parenting and child rearing. He consults to countless schools and community organizations nationwide, serves as Chair of the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, has a private practice in New York and is the parent of two children. Dr. Taffel has been featured in The New York Times, on 20/20, Dateline,The Today Show, Good Morning America, Primetime Live, and Larry King.