16 2016

Har Sinai presents "Boris Dorfman - A Mentsh"

9:30AM - 11:30AM  

Har Sinai Temple 2421 Pennington Road (on Denow Road West)
Pennington, NJ 08534

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The awarded Yiddish film, "A Mentsh," produced by Uwe and Gabriela von Seltmann, is set in the former multinational city of Lviv in the Ukraine. Lviv was a center of Jewish life for more than 600 years before its special culture was destroyed in World War II. Boris Dorfman take us on an unforgettable trip to all the places of horror and hope reflecting Jewish history. Virtually the last one in town still speaking Yiddish, he is a living relic of the past and a fighter against oblivion. While remembering the past, he lives in the present and tries to prepare the people for the future. He is a mentsh. The film's producers will be on hand for a discussion following the film. The program is open to the community; admission is free.